Changing the way the world learns English

Lingo Media is a leader in developing and marketing English language learning products and services to support learners of English throughout various life stages — from classroom to boardroom. We leverage our proven pedagogy along with innovative learning technologies to deliver a comprehensive offering that includes:



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Social Learning

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Training & Assessment

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Key to our success is an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality throughout every aspect of our business. To that end, we take the time to build strong relationships with leading government and industry organizations, as well as corporations that recognize the value and importance of helping their respective constituencies learn English, the global language of business.   

As a result, we’re able to deliver market-leading English language learning solutions that address every stage in the learning spectrum.  From the elementary school student learning to count, to college co-eds studying online, to young professionals preparing for a job − Lingo Media is there.

We are continuously developing our resources and expanding our global reach to support a lifetime of English language learning.

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A company committed to making English accessible to precisely targeted and researched markets through the development of unique educational materials and interactive learning technologies.